Good morning! Selamat pagi! suno pona! Jó reggelt!

I'm mulfok, Scottish/Indonesian game developer, pixel/digital artist, graphic designer, and sixth year in high school. I'm into language, personal knowledge management, and creating tools to help others manage their thoughts.

I'm familiar with the tools below.



I've got a bunch of stuff I'm constantly working on throughout my day-to-day life! A lot of my focus goes into my game, The Light That Was Karu, but I list everything here to keep track of it all.


Absolve is a CSS snippet for Obsidian. It aims to add lots and lots of customisability to whatever theme you like through the use of the Style Settings plugin.


You can find the snippet here. The future of Absolve is a little uncertain as of late--I'm unsure whether development will continue or if I will shelve the project for another time, but many use it to enhance their note-taking endeavours.

mulfok's garden

mulfok's garden is another one of my websites, and where I put a selection of notes of mine up for public view. You'll find notes on many topics; physics, language, game development, D&D...the list goes on!

This site is currently not being updated as I'm busy with other things, and funding is difficult to provide for the service it is using.
mulfok's garden

You can read up on the content of the site here.

Periodic Note Templates

My Periodic Note Templates are a set of templates for Obsidian. These templates aim to make daily and weekly note-taking more efficient and useful. Manage tasks, memos, and trackers in your daily notes, and watch them filter automatically into the weekly note's graphs and tables!

periodic note template

Find downloads, setup instructions, and various examples in the Github repo!

The Light That Was Karu

The Light That Was Karu is a story-oriented metroidvania I'm developing using GameMaker Studio.

tltwk logo

You can read the following blurb to get a little feel for the story.

“When the last Dragon happens across the land his species hail from, he finds himself battling monsters, his past, and his doppelgänger; all while malfunctioning World Arrays threaten the security of the universe.”

You can learn about the story, characters, and locations here.


Viridian is a theme of my design for the incredible note-taking app Obsidian. It aims to compliment both important and casual work, finding a happy balance between playfulness and professionality.


Check it out here!


Here are my various pixel/digital works that I've made over my time. I've tried to include a bunch of stuff that I've made and not leave things out because I don't like them, so hopefully there is plenty for you to look at.

tree karu concept art cute karu sooyangkaru development art game portrait PAD challenge him padcollage chalk mockup landscape landscape orchid


Currently, I don't have commissions open or anything of that kind. My daily life is a bit busy for now, so until I find the time and motivation, prices and availability remain unclear.


Feel free to contact me through any of the means listed below! You'll be most likely to reach me through Discord however.

  @mulfok#6931   @mulfok   mulfok


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